1. Check the paperwork and templates to determine where and what type of rod is to be used

a. the type and size of sink determines the size of rod to be used

2. Put in reinforcement rods where needed

a. On the back side of the stone, draw lines for where to put the rods
i. for finished sides the rod goes 2 1/4" away from the edge
ii. for wall sides the rod goes about 1" away from the edge
b. Using the diamond circular saw cut a slot into the stone where the lines are drawn
i. The depth of cut should be about half of the thickness of the stone
ii. The width should be just large enough to fit the rod
c. Dry out the stone using an air hose followed by the torch
d. Glue the rod into the slot
i. mix the glue and pour some into the slot
ii. put in the rod and push it as far down as possible
iii. wipe off excess glue and let the glue cure