1. Determine which sides need to be polished and the type of edge they are

2. Finish cutting and shaping necessary sides (ex. inside corners)

a. Use diamond blade, diamond wheels, and grinding stones as appropriate for the hardness of the material

3. Fix any chips in the edges and corners
a. Fill in the chips with glue
i. For large chips add ground up stone to the glue
ii. Use tape to hold the glue in place
b. After the glue is cured, removed excess glue and remove tape
4. Polish the finished sides with the top facing up
a. Put masking tape down on the top surface to protect it
b. Start with the lowest grit polishing wheel appropriate for the material and incrementally move up to the highest grit (for marble sand paper is used in place of polishing wheels)
i. For flat polished sides be sure to not round the edges too much (don't use too low of a grit polishing wheel on the edges)

5. Turn the slab over and polish any overhang areas and the bottom edge

a. Overhang is 1 1/2" unless otherwise specified in the paperwork (be sure to check)