1. Find slab(s) for the job and put on hydrolic table(s) with the fork lift crane

a. If there is a slab number recorded be sure to match it to the job

2. Find the templates that match the Job Order #


Color Defect

a. Remove tape from templates and separate

3. Look for defects in the slab and mark them with white out pen

a. defects include scratches or Inconsistencies in color

Customer select

4. Check paperwork for customer select

a. If customer select is noted only use very similar colors

b. If none marked use best judgment

5. Lay templates on stone(s) to best optimize space and customer preferences

a. Min. 1/8” spacing between templates (1/8" is ideal as this is the saw blade thickness and will only require one cut)

b. Avoid including scratches if possible (it is very hard to polish them)

Template connectors

c.Match letters on templates to connect two templates for a single piece

d. Find space for all backsplash and other pieces not templated

i.Backsplash should match the corresponding side unless the color and vein of the stone are very uniform

6. Outline and mark with white out pen according to the templates (Note: some stones absorb the oil from the pen. If this is the case use packaging tape and a sharpie to write all necessary information)

a. Write an X inside a circle for finished edges (all edges not marked with a W)


b. Write W for all walls

c. Write (#) spl to signify sides with backsplash (# signifies backsplash height)

i. number backsplashes (write numbers on each side of the line) to signify which backsplash corresponds with which side

d.Write Joint (Letter/Word) to signify seams in the stone (Follow seam lines and words from templates if possible. If templates don't fit with marked seams change them to accomodate)

e.Write any other important information given on templates or paperwork (ex. stove, sink, or fridge location)

f. Write WO#, color, edge thickness, and edge type somewhere in the center

7. Re-tape templates together with masking tape and set templates aside

8. Use fork lift to move slab to saw

9. Leave paperwork on work desk for fabricators to collect later