1. Review the paperwork and/or templates to determine which sides need edge build-up

2. If there are any joints with edge build-up required, prep the joints and put all of the pieces together

a. Glue pieces of wood to the underside of the joints to temporarily hold them in place (do not glue the joint together, this is done in the field)

3. Prep the surfaces of the piece to be glued

a. Cut the edges to be added to their correct lengths using the diamond table saw and/or diamond blade
b. rough up the surfaces using a diamond wheel or blade
c. cut grooves in the surfaces using a diamond wheel or blade in order to help bonding

4. Tape the edges to the piece using masking tape

a. Make sure everything fits and there are no gaps or other mistakes, using C clamps if necessary
5. Prep the glue for the edge build-up
a. Mix the glue with colorant to match the color of the stone
b. add the recommended amount of hardener and mix in well

6. Apply glue to the edges and attach to the piece

a. Use an engineering square to make the edges perpendicular to the piece
b. Remove excess glue from places with glue build-up

7. Remove the tape

a. Make sure the glue is cured before removing the tape

8. Unless pieces require flat polish or bevelled edges give to CNC machinest for additional machining