1. Determine who is going to do the cut out

a. If the CNC machine has extra capacity give the piece to the CNC operator to cut out the necessary holes
b. If there is not extra capacity on the CNC machine, continue to cut out the holes by hand

2. If the cutout is in a joint, prep the joints and put the pieces together

a. Glue pieces of wood to the underside of the joints to temporarily hold them in place (do not glue the joint together, this is done in the field)

3. Use a white-out pen to outline the shape of the cutout

a. Figure out the dimensions and location from the paperwork
i. For sinks look up the specs of the particular sink for dimensions
4. Cut out the hole
a. Make initial cuts to remove most of the material using the diamond circular saw (Be careful when the stone falls that it doesn't fall on you)
i. For round sinks (as apposed to rectangular with rounded corners) use the circular saw with a curved blade
b. Use a diamond blade, diamond wheels, and stones to remove the rest of the material and finish shaping the hole (be sure not to cut deeper than the lines drawn)

5. Polish the edges if necessary

a. For undermount sinks polishing is necessary, while top mount sinks don't need the edges to be polished